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Friday, May 13, 2011

RoughHouse Rafael Fight Missions & Combos!

Well the missions have finally been unlocked so you can get your final combo!

Finish the first two missions to unlock the combo! Unfortunately for being the last combo unlocked It's not really worth anything, so I've just been sticking with the 2nd combo..

Black and Blue
Job: Exterminate a Rival Family (25x).
Rob 10 Restaurants in New York.
Build 1 Armor

The Achilles Heel
Loot 5 Crack of the Bat from robbing.
Loot 5 Knife Slashes from job. 

Bomb Shop
Acquire 40 Canister Bombs (Concierge Tier Jobs)

Win 19 fights in New York.
Ice 3 opponents in New York


  1. The combo bat bat fist bat does not work for me as far as a combo is concerned. No COMBO.

  2. you have to complete mission first to get the combo to work!!!!

  3. I've done the first part of the Mission but not yet the second one. Anyway, the Combo is unlocked and works. What is the purpose of the second part unless getting some ammo?



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