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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Put Em On Ice Event!

Thank god it's not another collection event! It's about time they created an event like this! One that rewards us for going through our normal routine! So there are 4 levels for the first reward, each time the item gets more powerful, And then a bonus mystery reward for getting 1,000 ices! So get fighting, ice some mobsters, and get some cool loot!

Collect as you go 
(It will keep counting in the backround)


  1. Why i can't view this event in my account? anyone have some info about this?

  2. Neither can I.... :-(

  3. Takes time to distribute thru all servers

  4. Still do not have the event an already gained a level from stupid people attacking

  5. This suck's!! is not fair that some people already have the final prize and anothers like me even don't have the fukin event active

  6. The event disappeared????



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