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Friday, May 6, 2011

New Secret Stashes!

Looks like Zynga's giving us all sorts of new goodies! Now there's new secret stashes to collect! Same as before,  you get them from doing jobs, fighting, or operations! But this time you need some help to collect em!


  1. my secret stashes dont show any friends. It just says secret stash and has the 3 items, whats wrong with mine?

  2. I give Zynga credit for new ideas and new loot but the 15 second mind FCKu at the start of the stash is a joke. what is the purpose of that, other than to make me hate them even more than I did before.IDIOTS!

  3. I know, wtf is that about!? I've had it lock up on me and only got one it.. of course it failed and I had to do the send requests for the lesser prize.. but i havent even had ONE actually win.. so wtf!? frikken scam!



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