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Monday, July 11, 2011

There's An Operation Loot Cap!

Apparently over the past few days Zynga has rolled out a cap on how much rare loot you can acquire from doing operations! It used to be they would drop at a low percentage but now it seems that you can only collect a total of 10 rare loot a day from any combinations of jobs! In my opinion this is absurd! and if you feel so too, give Zynga a holla
So you won't be seeing this happening anymore!!
In the past I would always just do operations and get my stats up with the new loot, now it seems once you get the 10, it's time to give up for the day and go back to doing jobs and leveling..


  1. It works well enough for rewards to be "random " in Las Vegas in slot machines but Zynga in their inherent wisdom knows more apparently. It also is a travesty we are only allowed to aid 5 people a day. How do you pick which 5 to help. To me that is the same difference as having 1 lifeboat while a ship is sinking and you can only take 5 things that is a crock especially when most people have over 500 mafia members. What harm would there be in aiding say 10% of your mafia.



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