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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mafia Wars Server Update Cause Script & Addon Issues!

Download A Working Version
(Specifically for this version)
Well some of you might have noticed the slow speed with the game today, well that was due to "server maintenance" and which we now know was more of an upgrade as several of the root addresses for the game have now changed! And this is causing a bit of trouble for various scripts that use some of the Mafia Wars compiled java-script sources. And especially for those of us who use Mafia Wars Addon! 

You might notice that you can't use it at all now! There's not even a menu! Fortunately for you I have made the necessary changes to the script to get the features working again!

You can see that they have different names, you can just disable the non-mafia wars version so there are no complications.
note: update fixed Jul 19, 2011 2:40am EST


  1. how is that the only ones I see from my feed that are working are the spock one?? hmmmm...conspiracy.

  2. lol.. just updated with new script.. try that one


  3. It does work for me, thank you! =)
    All my notes till today have been erased, does it have anything to do with that updating matter as well?

  4. Thank you for the temp. fix. But even with this, when fighting, it heals even when the option is unchecked.

  5. I tried clicking on the link,add on box pops up and its blank.

  6. Thank you Devlin85, the fix is working just fine for others, however I had to go through tampermonkey and edit facebook.mafiawars.com to facebook.mafoawars.zynga.com and now it is working just fine for me.....

  7. sometimes tampermonkey/greasemonkey doesn't replace the script if it see's there's one with the same name but from a different source. So it might not have updated it. But that's exactly what the fix is for. there's about 10 locations in the script that had to be changed to the new server.

  8. I am having problems fighting, it attacks once and then stops. It does this in all cities. Thanks for any help.

  9. pls can you help me... last 2 days i havent addon and i cant see green arrow :(... i was uninstall and install several times but nothing, and i dont know what can to do else :/... please save me, thanks!




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