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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Betrayal In Bangkok!

Well its been a while since they said they were going to close Bangkok and it looks like that time is finally here! It's Betrayal In Bangkok this time! (I made a joke about the names in another posting and apparently they went with it) And you better complete it before time runs out! The city will be locked this time! So do the missions and get your sweet rewards! They're actually pretty good this time around!

Here's the info on the missions:

Urgent: Send Help
Get 6 crew members in Brazil (Free Gift Requests)
Build 2 Armors at your Armory (NYC)

Welcome Wagon
Get Support From Your Mafia. (5x - Free Gift Requests)
Take Out 30 Neo-Imperium Goons (Requires 4 Stamina).

It Was A Trap
Acquire 8 Forger's Gloves
Fight 30 Opponents (Any City)

The Shadow King's Fate
Declare A War 2 Times
Ice 5 Opponents (Any City)
Collect From Your Fighting Fish Arena 2 Times (Italy)

Death to the Disgraced
Acquire 15 Forger's Gloves
Loot 20 Inside Tips From Fights
Take Out 10 Neo-Imperium Bodyguards

Bye Bye Bangkok
Take Out Toshiki
Get 6 Crew members in Brazil (Free Gift Requests)
Rob 15 Times (Any City)
Collect From Your Ammo Trading Camp 2 Times (Brazil)

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