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Thursday, July 7, 2011

MW Addon Version 4.2.0 Update!

There has been great improvements made to the free gift center in this update. Mainly the massive collector and gift scanner! So make sure you are using the newest version and don't miss out on these great new features!

New layout in the massive collector! And the functionality has much improved! More links will show up when scanning groups and will cause less errors!
 It Auto-Skips users not in your mafia now!

Here are the newest updates that are included in the new release:
Jul 6, 2011 23:46
    Massive Collector (Free Gift Center)
  • Now it parse and check every link before start collecting. It could take a while, but get a great perfomance and less errors.
  • Now it skip all links from users that are not in your mafia. A log message will be show.
  • Links detection when scanning or pasting has been Improved.
  • Scan in groups now look in posts comments.
  • Scan in MWAddon posts has been improved.
  • Parse links has been improved. Now it should work with more links.
  • Added user's name instead of pid when collecting from user that are in your mafia.
  • Added user's picture when a gift is successful collected.
  • Added button to stop MC.
  • Modify User Interface.
  • Battlefield!
  • When"Auto Heal" is deactivated, now it should only stop if health is less than 25.
Jul 6, 2011 02:53
  • Fixed Attack when lost option.
Jul 5, 2011 23:37
  • Added "If attacks less than" to extend "Attack when lost." option, this will attack a player while you're losing only if you need less than specified attacks to get your ice.
  • Added "Get healed" option in "Skip if enemy health is", this will skip a player that get healed while you're attacking him.
  • Added x5 loot when fighting players in Brazil. It work when you are in Brazil and you get Brazil cash in the fight.
  • Plug-In Manager
  • Added "Up" and "Down" Arrows to manage your plug-ins position.
  • Some graphical improvements.
  • Home Feed Center
  • Added "Any" option in "if not possible then" when join operations.
  • Operations Center
  • Fixed a graphical issue in progress bar when doing jobs.

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