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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The official release is now available with the fix to make it work with the new mafia wars servers so make sure you are using the newest version, don't miss out on these great new features! There have been major updates to the options and layout of battlefield and it's for the best in my opinion. And thanks to all the followers of the blog and those who used and spread the word about my temporary fix! There were over 3500 downloads in that short period, so obviously the addon is well liked and it shows there is great support from all of you!
New battlefield Screens:
 *Download My Newest Settings For Your To Import*
And now you can also have battlefield go after the mission characters! Known as NPC's (Non-Playable Characters)

Of course if you are not a fan of these dramatic changes and just want the old layout and version to work, you can still download my fix and continue to use that one. It works perfectly well and there's no reason you have to upgrade if you don't want to. See the article here..

Jul 19, 2011 19:20
  • HOT: Updated to work with new MW url.
  • Battlefield!
  • Added New controls and new look in checkboxes.
  • Added "But not if: Stamina below" after "Heal in". So you will not be healed if your stamina is lower than indicated.
  • Added "But not if: Attacking same player" after "Heal in". So you will not be healed if you are attacking a player.
  • Added "But only if level: greater/lower than" after "Revenge Stolen Ices". So you will skip the thief if he don't match your criteria.
  • Added "but Not BlackListed." after "Revenge Stolen Ices". So you will skip the thief if he's in your blacklist.
  • Added "Skip enemy if health is". i think it's not very useful but if people like it, it's here.
  • Added "Skip if others damage". Same as before.
  • Fixed "Heal in". If you set it off, now it should stop figthing.
  • Massive Collector (HFC)
  • Resolved the issue scanning groups related to the updated_time of some old posts.
Jul 18, 2011 09:03
    Battlefield! NEW feature: Rapid Fire! This new feature allows you to shoot multiple attacks in less than 1 second. Keep in mind that once a "Rapid Fire!" is fired, it will wait until the outcome of all attacks. Therefore, all attacks are verified and your stats will work properly. If you level up due a "Rapid Fire!" the pop-up will appear to manage your skills. The number of shots fired by "Rapid Fire!" is determined by Battlefield in the fight, so your attacks will be optimized to avoid wasting your stamina. You must also remember that although Battlefield determine the number of attacks you need to get your "ICE", this is inaccurate and sometimes need more than one "Rapid Fire!" to get your ICE, also you may be stolen, but now you have more chance of success. Battlefield!
  • Added "Rapid Fire! if attacks less than". Check this option to enable "Rapid Fire", you should also put how many attacks at most are required to use it.
  • Added "Skip if healed". This will skip any foe healed while being attacked.
  • Modified "Maximum attacks". If attacks required to beat your opponent is more than the number you put here, the enemy will be skipped.
  • Removed "Skip enemy if health is". This option is no longer necessary because now you can use "Maximum attacks" and "Skip if healed".
  • Removed "Skip if others damage". This option is not necessary, skip too many.
  • Massive Collector (HFC)
  • Increased the limit of post per call when scanning, hope it work better and fix some issues.

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  1. When using 'auto-publish' with Battlefield, I'm getting a message saying 'paused while auto-publishing - click to continue' but it doesn't seem to be posting/publishing to the page id I've entered. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong ? Thanks for a great add-on, by the way



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