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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Ties That Bind Mission Event!

Well it's time for another mission event! So here's the info to get you through it as quick as possible! Just make sure you save your 2x Loot from jobs Crew Positions for the few missions that require them, it will make your day a lot easier! This weeks mission set is way easier to finish!

Thorn in the Side
Get support from your mafia (4x) (Free Gift requests)
Activate 4 Crew Members in Brazil
Loot 8 units of Brazil Cash from Fights
Build 2 weapons at your Weapons Depot

Hit Him Where It Hurts
Loot 12 Sonic Emitters from job (Scout Out the City)
Win 15 fights in Brazil

Come Alone
Get support from your mafia (5x) (Gift requests)
Clear 2 robbing boards
Loot 15 Suspension Coils from job (Bribe a Police Commandant)

Fight 24 opponents in Brazil.
Job: Auction Off a Rival's Private Island (12x) (Recife)
Declare a War 2 times
Collect from your Barracks 2 times (Collects Every 8 hours)

Kid's Got Spunk
Get support from your mafia (5x) (Free Gift Requests)
Take out 20 Influential Politicians (Requires 6 Stamina)
Job: Assassinate a Politician at a Museum Gala (25x) (Rio de Janeiro: Centro)

Caving In
Acquire 20 Ranger Body Armors (Fights in Brazil / Pilfer a Rebel Supply House)
Loot 12 Railgun Barrels from robbing
Job: Wipe Out a Favela Street Gang (12x) (Sao Paolo: Heliopolis)
Buy 2 items from your Black Market

Inside Woman
Activate 5 crew members in Brazil
Take out 20 Overzealous Guards (Requires 8 Stamina)
Loot 12 Portable Fusion Reactors from job (Demolish a Rooftop Helipad)

See how much easier that is with a 2x Loot Brazil Crew Member!

And you can have Battlefield in MW Addon go after those NPC's for you as well!! So make sure you check that option and just sit back and watch!

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