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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grant Batch Cookie Issue & The Fix!

Well there have been numerous cookie issues lately when trying to access mafia wars. The worst of which is a cookie called Grant_Batch_43 and this usually occurs when you're doing a lot of fighting.. You will be chugging along with no problem, taking down person after person, and then all of a sudden: you notice you can't get any fight results! So you reload the game and now you can see why.. Bad Request.. Cookie: Grant_Batch_43. Well I will tell you how to take care of this issue and any one like it.

(Here is the error itself)
  • Go get an extension that can automatically block cookies. For Google Chrome I recommend Edit This Cookie. It is free and works great!

  • Setup the extension to block the cookie before it can do its damage! You can do this by flagging the cookie and manually entering the information below to manually block it.

  • If you ever have any other cookie issues like this you can flag the cookie itself by clicking the extension icon in your browser when the error occurs. You can use this extension to block any re-occurring cookie that you have an issue with. 
Note: Unframing MW Can help you identify the proper cookies associated with Mafia Wars.
  • Go back to playing mafia wars and be worry free! 


  1. Cookie STILL returns

  2. So Far So Good. I'll note that I saw that the cookie block on has an expiration date. (1 month) I haven't looked to see if that is changeable yet. THANKS!



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