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Monday, January 24, 2011

You Can Ask For DJ's Now!

Get the Unframe-MW Bookmarklet from Spockholm Mafia Tools

You will be needing DJs for your nightclub which should be available later today when the New Italy chapters are released but if you wanna start collecting them early give it a try!

Go to My Village in Italy and then Unframe-MW. Once it has loaded back up and its showing your village copy the full script below into address bar and hit enter:


Wait for the pop-up to show and publish it to your page!

Note: If you have already asked for an Italy part you will not be able to do it until you can!


  1. Factoid: All DJs currently in inventory will be removed prior to the release of Regions 6-8. These are unreleased items.

    Might be a waste of time collecting them early going by what zynga are saying

  2. thats stupid.. but it wouldn't surprise me if they do such a thing.. they have been clearing out the ammunition in between the special weapons items.. but I have even gotten them in mystery bags..

  3. And since Italy is released now for some people it should actually be ok..



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