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Friday, January 28, 2011

Italy Is Tougher Than Ever!

The new chapters sure are no cake walk like the first chapters were, the first set of masterys are comparible to the Gold or Ruby level mastery of chapters 1-5. So your gonna have to stock up on SmartPhones, Hidden Charges, and everything in between! Oh and don't forget a truckload of energy to go along with it! It seems they don't want us finishing this one quickly, but I guess thats not a bad thing, but it looks like they went to a bit of an extreme to pull that off! At least there are missions and cheap Fighters Energy Refill's to help push you over to the next level.

Yes, that's 50 Hidden Charges you'll need, and oh.. whats that? You need 1 Cooked Book to get each of those.. Of course you do! Well just come up with a MINIMUM of 14,875 Energy and 800,000 Lira and you'll have all the requirements just to do this ONE JOB! On the easiest mastery level..

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