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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mafia Wars Add-On Hits Version 3.0!

There is an error when you go to upgrade that says you are trying to downgrade and won't let you. So you have to uninstall the old version first, which was, But was labeled in the program code missing the first zero. Don't worry it will save all of your settings when you uninstall and install the new version! The highlights include new greasemonkey compatibility and when you publish your free gifts to notes it says the date and time in the title so you know right there its new. And an option to select who can see your wall posts the add on creates! See the rest of the updates below.

Get The Updated MW Addon

  • Added compatibility with Firefox 4 (beta).
  • Added compatibility with Greasemonkey 0.9.0
  • Configuration Menu
  • Added possibility to select the privacy of your wall post.
  • - Everyone, All friends, Friends of friends, Myself or friend list.
  • - To select facebook friendlist you need to give permissions to Mafia Wars.
  • Stats Page
  • Added "Add this user to WhiteList!" button to add the enemy user to battlefield's WhiteList.
  • Added "Add this user to BlackList!" button to add the enemy user to battlefield's BlackList.
  • News Helper (old Auto Helper)
  • Rewrited completely.
  • New persistent popup style feature!.
  • Automatic help in all jobs, send parts, energy, wars, etc...
  • Load any page that the Help requires, like job page, index, stats, etc.
  • When load a page, popup is closed and a text-box will appear in top where you can click to open the popup again.
  • Show only most recent news.
  • All events from an attacker will be hiden in the same Help to make it more easy.
  • - Clicking "Show all events" will show up all events of this attacker.
  • Users who attack/rob you or has participated in a war against you will be directly added to battlefield! whitelist.
  • Added possibility to Help or Ignore.
  • Added filter to show by news type.
  • Added "Refresh" button to refresh news.
  • Added "Reset and Refresh" button to refresh and show all news.
  • Operations Page
  • Added "Close and Reset" button to operations popup to close it and reset all links.
  • Added "Close but keep" button to operations popup to close it but keep all links.
  • Removed "Reset Links" button from top page.
  • Battlefield!
  • Bank deposit will be deactivated while figthing the same user, so now it's more easy to get iced/kill.
  • Added new event comments in fight screen.
  • Gift Page
  • Modified Date string and note's title.

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