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Monday, January 17, 2011

Get Bonus Doctored Invoices For Mafia Wars!

(Think I Have Enough?)

(Stock Up On Some Great Items, And Stockpile Your Consumables)


  1. How do you even get a doctored invoice in the first place??

  2. By making 5 triple berry cheesecakes in cafe world..

  3. why would u even want them ?

  4. to purchase what is pictured above! Look at those stats!? You telling me thats not worth it? Plus you can stock up on consumables so you can buy plenty of the top items when the promo ends..

  5. How i can make more than 3 triple berry cheesecake..the game only let me make 3

  6. chances are u need to be higher level so u can cook/make more of then

    Now that my question is:
    This doesnt work for me, cause i get the message to collect the note, but only the first one work and the rest that i click on just links me to mafia war.

    let me know if im doing anything wrong :p

  7. thats weird.. they might have fixed something.. i stopped doing it cause i had so many.. ill try again and see what happens

  8. its a bit weird, i tried it again today, out of the 6 collecting message. I got 3 of them, i think something is wrong with my computer lol

  9. how are you supposed to level up high enough to make even 5 of them though- I have the 5 stoves but no spices!!! I have begged and begged for the parts to get my spice jars finished and get everything but those sent to me.

  10. ya it looks like they tried to fix it and they almost did but you get it half the time and not the other half.. so its 50/50 shot on what you'll get



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