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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Want Different Missions To Show Up?

Are you tired of only getting Transport Stolen Uranium operation to drop for you to initiate? There's a simple fix for that: you can either not start that mission when received and just leave it in your "My Operations" queue or post the operation and get it completed but just don't collect on it. The point is to let it stay in your "My Operations" Queue.

The next mission that will drop for you will be "Take Out A Rival Operation", leave that one in your "My Operations" queue too because the rares in that mission are not worth the trouble.

Finally, with both of those in your "My Operations" queue not started, the next operation that will drop will be "Steal A Dockyard" and it will go on from there!

If you want special event missions to show up just keep all the normal operations in your queue and you will start to get more and more of the operations you want!

If it has been a while since your last operation drop just repeatedly do a low energy job over and over again and you should soon be rewarded! But remember, it usually won't drop the same kind of operation twice withing a 12 Hour period!

[Order of Operations: Transport Stolen Uranium, Take Out Rival Operation, Steal a Dockyard Shipment, Special Event Operation (I.E. Steal the Ball), Bank Robbery, Fight off a Rival Mafia, Bribe Government Official, Truck Hijack, etc.]

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