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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Missions Are Better Than Ever!

Now with the ability to do two missions at a time you can practically level up any time you want! Especially with the fantastic experience bonuses you receive for completion.. But even the item reward bonuses themselves just seem to keep getting better and better! And now that Exclusive Missions have been released I'm sure that there will be much more to come from this A+ feature!

(Make Sure You Save A Few RP's For This One..)

(Talk About A Good Trade!)

(What a Good Reward Item)

(Super Easy! Who Doesn't have 5 Mystery Bags Layin' Around!?)


  1. After a few missions (where there were 2 at the same time), after completing a mission, it reverted back to only 1 available mission. Is this happening for you as well? - Allister

  2. no, I still have 2 at a time and have done maybe 10 of them after it started with the exclusive 100+ missions.



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