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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mafia Wars Add-On Does It Again!

Even more updates to an already fantastic add on! He took my suggestions to add a "set as default" option for the group postings and added the option to leave you with a specified amount of stamina in "Battlefield!". as well as some more updates and features on top of it! Now you don't have to go into the "Get short Url" Pop-Up and publish link/Get Short Url, its just all right there on the Operations Page for you! You can even collect a set of links for a batch post if you don't want to do them one by one! See the pictures below for more info and keep checking back, he is always updating!

List of updates and new features:

    Operations Page
  • Added settings box to top operations page.
  • Added possibility to save a default group to publish in.
  • Added "Show All Links" button to show a popup with all stored links.
  • Added "Reset Links" to reset all stored links.
  • Added countdown for publish operations, which will allow to publish every 5 min.
  • "Publish" button in operations now publish the operation directly.
  • "Add Link" button in operations now add the link to a stored list.
  • Fixed group list to reset when refreshing.
  • Battlefield!
  • Added option to keep an amount of stamina which will be not spent.
  • Added checkbox to deactivate Heal.
  • Added "Mafia Attack" and "Mafia Defense" gained stats.
  • Added "Mafia Attack" and "Mafia Defense" info in fight screen.
  • Added new prompt popup for set/get either black and white list.
  • Added base64 encoding/decoding to set/get either black and white list.
  • When no stamina is left, battlefield will start a countdown of 10 min. instead of stop.
  • When heal is below the specified amount and it's deactivated, battlefield will start a countdown of 10 min.
  • Updated "Add to list" to get user name from his profile to work with new zynga profile changes.
  • Gift Page
  • Added "Time Capsule" gift.
  • Added buttons in links popup for Publish a new note or edit the old one.
  • Multi Gifter
  • Added compatibility with all game languages.


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