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Saturday, January 29, 2011

No More Double Missions!?

Well it looks like there were a limited amount of missions that you could do 2 at a time! I got through about 10 extra missions before they disappeared! So that was about 20 total missions counting both, it was nice while it lasted but I was under the impression it was a permanent thing! As I'm sure the majority of you were too.. Well just take advantage of it while it lasts and get those extra gifts and experience points!

This was the last set of bonus missions I got.. 
(Simple enough, just collect rewards and do some jobs!)
(Henchmen in 3 Cities!, It took me all day! They just weren't showing up, so don't freak out, it just takes a while!)
(Both Henchmen Took 35 Stamina to attack!)


  1. it gets worse, now I have 0 missions left to do...

  2. Quick question just noticing your screen shot of plant a mole part 3 it says u got 1185 exp for completing on mine it shows 2385 why is there a difference?

    Plant a Mole: Part 3


    Kelly M50
    140 73



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