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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Please Report All Campers & Rule Violators!

If you have noticed a user who isn't following the rules or is causing an issue with an operation you are involved with please read the following before posting a violation complaint. There will be ONE warning given and then the violator will be banned from the group for any repeat offenses.

You can report¹ a user for group violations if:

►They habitually don't have enough Energy/Stamina to finish their task in the operation
►They do not complete any part of their task and more than 15 min² has passed
►They are on multiple operations at the same time that remain unfinished
►They do not monitor or remove campers from their own operations
►They are posting misleading or malicious links as operations
►They cause unnecessary arguments between members
►They regularly spam you or the wall with requests
►They falsely report members with violations

If they are guilty of doing ANY of the above then you may report¹ them. Please provide as much of the information³ below as possible.

FB Profile:
MW Profile:
Owner's Name:
Owner's FB Profile:
Owner's MW Profile:
Date and Time of Violation:
The Violation You Are Reporting:

¹When reporting a violator please state the violation itself and be as detailed as possible when describing what happened and include anything you might feel would help explain the situation. (I.E. How long they stayed inactive on an operation, how many times you contacted them, etc.)

²All operation tasks should be completed in ~15 minutes but something may have prevented them from starting the operation, be courteous and comment or send a message if possible, if still no reacting then continue with your post.

³There is a bookmarklet by Spockholm Mafia Tools called Switch that allows you to switch between the users Facebook profile and their mafia wars profile with one click, you get it here -> http://bit.ly/dJFxqp (You also need Unframe-MW which is on the same page)

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