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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Fight Club Items & Some Energy!

Finally there's some new stuff to purchase with your victory coins! They seem to have practically wiped out the old items and its all new, only a few things remain from before.. Like the Energy Refill, But there is only one of them instead of 3! At least they removed the purchase timer for everything! Except for the Energy that is! Come on Zynga, Give us what we want! Anyway, It may not be the cheap LP energy boost like they had before, but hey! I'll take a full refill for 5 RP's any day of the week! Go check out the new items and spend some coins!

(A Cheap Refill Anytime You Need It)
(Just another shotgun)
(A Newer Vest)
(Here We Go..)
(Now We're Talking..)
(Finally Some Really Good Items)


  1. Quoting: "And they changed the energy refills so you can buy more than one of them!"

    How exactly they did it? You can buy an energy refill for 5RPs every 18hours; before you could buy a refill for 7RPs any time.

    Also you do not get an energy pack in 18hours, but in 23hours!

    How exactly this helps?



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