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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Big Payoff - One Extreme Job!

Well there is a new High Risk job showing up at random to those who have 2,000+ Energy in their stats. Once the Job shows up you have 3 days to complete the mastery of the job, and the payout is completely random, you could do it 5 times in a row and not get 1 experience point! (Like I Did) Or maybe get lucky and get XP every time, but I highly doubt it. 


This is a niche job strictly for those who have energy to burn and don't care much about leveling for a while! But I was never informed I even Had the job, I just coincidentally came across it while switching location and it was in the 1st Brazil district (Rio De Janeiro: Centro) so I would check there at random to see if it shows up if you meet the requirements for the job!

The payout in the end is for a valuable Loot Item called the "Thin Ice" it's a vehicle with some decent stats (150 Attack / 100 Defense) Supposedly you can master this job up to 25 times. But you will have to spend a lot of time and refills on it seeing as you don't get a steady payout of experience for performing it, or even a steady mastery percentage. It ranges from a measly 1% to a mediocre 10% for each click of the mouse! 

Out of the 15,000 energy I spent I only received One "2,000 Experience" Payout and only mastered the job to 31% (The last 5+ times I did it I only receieved a 1% mastery) And now with only 2 1/2 days left it will be a strugle and I sure won't be leveling at any point until I finish, so it's just a quick energy burner with no real reward! I'm feeling gypped at this point!

I finished the event with just a few hours left and ended up spending ~90,000 energy and barely got any bonus rewards! Literally got 2 - 2,000 XP Bonus and 2 - 5 Attack Pt Bonus. At the end of it all it is definitely a massive waste of time and energy! Unless Zynga fixes it I don't plan on doing it again. So Contact Zynga if you feel the job is BS and needs to be fixed, they do listen! Just need enough people to sway their opinion (And from what I have heard it's already tipping towards a redesign)


  1. It started out okay for me, hit 31% the first day with a few times getting several % mastery per click. After that it's been a real pain, pretty much only getting 1% mastery and very few XP or attack/defense stats. Unless I start getting some 10%'s I don't see this happening in time.

  2. This car auction was a total ripoff. I got 10%/10%/6%/1%/1%/1% for a total of 29%. At that point I dropped the job after looking at the ridiculous amount of energy I had spent and I wasn't even at 50% completion. With almost 2 days remaining I did not like my odds after getting 1% three times in a row.



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