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Friday, June 10, 2011

A Family Affair Mission Event!

Well another week another mission set. And this one ties in with the new family feature just released yesterday. So most of the missions revolve around "figting" rival families and jobs related to protecting your own family or dismembering another and going from city to city. So have fun and get some good loot, once again the grand prize is pretty impressive.

Mission Requirements:

Bad Seeds, Big Apple
Take out 15 Rival Family Members (Newbie Requires 2 Stamina Each)
Job: Protect Your City Against A Rival Family (15x / New York)

Them's Fighting Words
Declare 1 War.
Build 2 Vehicles.
Take Out 12 Rival Family Leaders. (Family Leader Requires 4 Stamina Each)
Job: Exterminate a Rival Family (12x / Hitman)

Activate 4 Brazil Crew Members.
Fight 20 Opponents in Brazil.
Loot 10 Forearm Guards From Job. (Intimidate the Local Crime Ring / Belem)

Family Matters
Declare 1 War.
Rob 9 Headquarters in Brazil.
Take Out 15 Rival Family Members. (Foot Soldier Requires 6 Stamina Each)
Job: Gather Intel From Street Rats (18x / Manaus)

Win 15 Fights in Brazil
Take Out 15 Rival Family Members
Job: Locate a Rebel Outpost (15x / Manaus)

It's All Relatives
Win 20 Fights in Italy
Ice 5 Opponents in Italy
Job: Sabotage A Rival (x18 / Palermo)

Darkness Gathering
Win 1 War
Rob 9 Barracks in Brazil
Loot 10 Laser Guided RPG From Fights
Job: Blow Up A Munitions Dump (x18 / Manaus)

Take 'Em To The Cleaners
Take Out 15 Rival Family Members
Ice 10 Opponents in Brazil
Job: Open Fire On Rebel Fighters (x15 / Manaus)

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