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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MW Addon Version 0.4.0 Update!

The newest version is out and is compatible with the new fight system! So make sure you are using the newest version and don't miss out on these great new features!..

Additional Features in new released:
Jun 28, 2011 22:57
  • New internal code.
  • New Battlefield v2 - Updates:
  • A lot of Rewritten code.
  • New Fightv2 system.
  • User interface.
  • New loot data.
  • New social events.
  • - New:
  • Added Auto-Publish after 5,10,15,20 ices. can select target.
  • Possibility to use fight boosts.
  • Added new delay when fighting same player.
  • Added Stolen Ice system to take revenge of thiefs.
  • Added Clan list where you can add clans to skip/attack.
  • Added option for attack when skipping user level.
  • Added option for attack when skipping user mafia.
  • Added option for travel to different city if no players found.
  • Added cache for loot.
  • Added cache for ices.
  • Added option to skip a player previously iced.
  • Added option to stop after X ices.
  • Added Skip button while fighting same player.
  • Added Heal button while fighting.
  • Added option to skip player if get damage from others players.
  • Added Revenges count in stats.
  • Added option to revenge. and option to revenge only if could win.
  • Added option to show/hide social events.
  • Added new timers for travel, pause, resume, etc.
  • And.. maybe more..
  • Home Feed Center
  • Removed "filter" and added new checkbox options for every help in groups "Give Social Help", "Claim Bonus And Reward" and "Property Help".
Jun 27, 2011 08:35
  • New internal code.
  • Home Feed Center
  • Fixed War Help & Collect War Reward to parse correct output messages.
  • Fixed a deadlock when parsing Collect War Reward server response, but response is a "Past war result" popup.
  • War Help & Collect War Reward are now language compatible.
  • Collect War Reward will be now in reward group where you can disable it.
  • Free Gifts (Page)
  • Fixed click in gift category to select all of same type when category has spaces (issue caused by a recently browser update).
Jun 25, 2011 08:46
  • Some code has been partial rewrited for a better perfomance.
  • Fixed an issue with the new browsers updates. It fix the problem when read/post in groups, etc.
  • Free Gifts Center
  • Fixed "Filter Gifts" checkbox.
  • Battlefield
  • Added clan tags compatibility. (show clan name with link)

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