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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Fight System Released!

Well the Fight System has finally been released for the majority of the users so reload your game and you should be able to see it now! This is a vast improvement over the old system! Much more user friendly and the playability has been greatly improved, everything you need is right in one screen and you can easy continue your fight and switch opponents with fairly little lag time. 

If you attack somebody who is already dead it immediately shows you so you don't waste your time or stamina..

If you are actively attacking somebody and they get iced by another player it will let you know who that player is so you can get revenge on them! Which happens quite often and this is a great new feature! (And will help you get the assassin after you as well)

And finally the new Iced Opponent Screen with a active readout of total fights won and total opponent ice count (As they have done away with "Killing" opponents this will be the only screen you see from now on, but if you drain an opponent to ZERO health it will be counted as 2 Ices) And now that there are health bars you can  even ice somebody that you continuously lose too as long as you drain their health without dying.

So here's a good preview for you if you can't see it yet, if you can.. 
What you waiting for? Get fighting!

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