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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blood Money Mission Event Released!

All right, a new week and a new mission event! And on a monday this time! Way to throw us off our game Zynga! :P Same as usual, do the tasks, reap the benefits! 
(I was hoping it was going to be more Brazil Missions, but anyway)

Here is the info on the missions:

Crocodile Tears
Get support from your mafia (2x) (free gift requests)
Clear 3 robbing boards. (any city)
Take out 5 killers (requires 13 )

Made The Fool
Ask for 4 documents from Mafia.
Job: "Bribe A Casino Pit Boss" (x20)

Flown The Coop
Collect from your Headquarters 2 times (Brazil)
Build 2 Local Informants (Workshop)

A Botched Ambush
Win 15 Fights
Get support from your mafia (15x) (Free Gifts)
Get 3 Crew Members in Brazil (Free Gifts)

Lay In Wait
Loot 10 Wooden Crates from jobs
Upgrade your Workshop once (Automatically completed if you can't)
Rob 18 times

Italian Rendezvous
Job "Gather Intel From Street Rats" (Manaus)
Loot 15 Luggage Bags from Fights
Collect from your Headquarters 2 times (Brazil)
Get support from your mafia (Free Gifts)

Silence Is Golden
Rob 8 Villas. (Italy)
Take out 8 Informants
Buy 2 items from your Port. (Italy)

The Last Laugh
Win 2 Wars
Ice 6 opponents
Collect Prize, Relax :)

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