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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Black Market Mission Event!

Well it's time for the next mission event, same as usual, finish the required tasks and complete each mission, get through them all and get your grand prize! This time it's the "Widow Knife" A defense weapon.. And a pretty good one at that! Below is the info on all the missions so you can be prepared and get it done asap!

Little Sister
Ask for 3 Manila Envelopes from Mafia.
Job: Run Illegal Poker Game (20x). (Enforcer)
Collect from your Office Park 2 times. (Office Park Collects Every 12 Hours)

A Little Theatrics
Acquire 15 Gold Machine Pistols. (Robbing in New York, or job Jewelry Store Job)
Acquire 15 Bulletproof Trenchcoats. (Fighting in New York, or job Loot the Police Impound Lot)
Take out 12 Intimidated Mobsters. (Requires 5 Stamina Each)

Helping Handguns
Buy 1 item from your Black Market.
Fight 16 opponents. (New York)
Job: Move Stolen Merchandise (18x).

They Never Listen
Get support from your mafia (4x). (Gift Requests)
Collect from your Restaurant 3 times. (Restaurant Collects Every 2 Hours)
Clear 3 robbing boards.

The Right Track
Win 10 fights.
Loot 7 Drug Shipments from fights.

Ambush Awry
Build 2 Weapons at your Weapons Depot.
Ice 6 opponents.
Job: Dispose of a Body (15x).

Compound Crashers
Get support from your mafia (4x). (Gift requests)
Take out 12 Human Traffickers. (Requires 11 Stamina Each)
Loot 18 Broken Arms from job Whack a Rival Crew Leader. (Capo)

Honor Amongst Thieves
Acquire 20 Sets of Illegal Transaction Records. (Fighting in New York / Job "Muscle in on Triad Operations")
Rob 12 Pawnshops.
Loot 10 Reinforced Bowlers from Robbing.
Job: Ambush a Rival at a Sit Down (15x). (Underboss)

Judge, Jury, and Executioner
Buy 2 items from your Port.
Declare a War 1 time.
Take out 15 Ring Overseers. (Requires 15 Stamina Each)

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