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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Raven Gets Assassinated!! System Failure!

Well looks like the mass release of the new boss fight was more than the system could handle as more than half of the players who where just introduced to the new boss had him vanish almost immediately after fighting him. And a lot of users spent most to all of their fight items to defeat them only to have them used to no avail. 

According to Zynga they will be re-introducing the fight slowly (like they should have the first time) and all items spent should show back up once the boss is re-introduced to your system. But you can always contact them to make sure you get what you deserve especially if you did spend a lot of items or already beat him once or twice as you will have to re-do the whole thing anyway.

Statement I received from a Zynga Rep:
At this time the issue you have encountered is being reviewed. We are currently gathering your information on the issue you have encountered. I will be crediting your account with 20 Reward Points to your account and also refilling your Energy and Stamina. When this is corrected you will get the items you have lost do to this issue.

1 comment:

  1. How time is going Zynga make moor and moor fany bags. I have seen this Boss fight t and wanted to now start ....but there is no moor Boss? Somm jock or what????



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