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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thrill Of The Hunt Event!

Well hopefully you have had the event for a couple days now, but for some of us it just finally showed up earlier today! (Or started working earlier today) But anyway, It's another mission event, do some simple yet time consuming tasks and get some great rewards and experience!

No White Knights
Get support from your mafia (6x) (Free Gift Requests)
Build 2 Armors
Job: Wiretap the Cops (10x)

Plug The Leaks
Fight 24 opponents in New York
Ice 3 opponents in New York

Ferret Them Out
Ask for 5 Hot Tips from your mafia.
Rob 15 times in New York
Loot 8 Computer Set-Ups (Rob an Electronics Store)

Win 15 fights in Las Vegas
Take out 7 Witness Bodyguards (Requires 10 Stamina)
Job: Create A Distraction On The Floor (20x)
Build 1 Vehicle

Moving Target
Collect from your Winery 2 times
Loot 12 Alarm Codes from job (Buy Some Black-Market Info)
Take out 9 Witness Bodyguards (Requires 10 Stamina)

Last But Not Least
Get support from your mafia (8x). (Free Gift Requests)
Clear 1 robbing board

Civil Upset
Win 18 fights in Italy
Loot 10 Motor Oils from fights
Job: Show A Business Owner Who's In Charge (12x) (Napoli)

The Hard Way
Buy 2 Items From Port
Loot 13 Gas Cans (Job: Recruit Some Local Muscle or Set Up Your Operation in a Renovated Skyscraper)
Ice 7 opponents in Italy

Judge and Jury
Get support from your mafia (7x) (Free Gift Requests)
Collect from your Tenement 1 time
Loot 12 Sets of Blackmail Photos from robbing
Job: Burn Down a Tenement (15x)

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