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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scams, Spam, & Rogue Apps W/ Block List!


~ The Bad Applications ~

There are many "rogue applications" that take advantage of users of a legitimate app in several ways. They can do this by creating a mirror of the original app to make you believe that it is one you were already authenticated for or they play on bonuses you can receive in the game or general too good to be true type offers (1,000 Free RP's). 

These apps can leak your personal information to a host of illegal networks, or even worse, take over your account and start spamming people with the same BS you just authenticated and it just spreads and spreads. 

Now some of these apps can even get your information even if you personally haven't allowed them, some of them can gain access just because your friends have been unfortunate enough to allow them access to all of their info and to collect information on their own friends. So to prevent this from happening you have to block them first. This way not only does it protect you, but it prevents them from spamming you as well, so it's a win-win.

It only takes a few minutes to click the links and block the apps and its well worth it for the peace of mind.

(Each link will bring you right to this block page)

Fraudulent Mafia Wars Related Apps
Free Mafia Wars Rewards PointsMafía Warş Bonus | Mafia Wars! | Mafia WarsMafia Wars 2 | Mafia Wars 3 | Mafia Wars 4| Mafia Wars 5 | Mafia Wars 6 | Mafia Wars 7 | Mafia Wars 8| Mafia Wars 9 | Mafia Wars 10 | Mafia Wars Gifts | Mafia Wars City | Mafia Wars Beta | Mafia Wars Loot | Mafia Wars Helper | Mafia Wars X | [FIN] Mafia Wars | Mafia Wars Weapons | .:Mafia Wars Gifting:. | Mafia Wars Gifts | Mafia Wars Cheats | Mafia Wars HQ | Mafia Wars Gifts | Mafia Wars Mystery Crates | Mafia Wars Needed Gifts | Mafia Wars Fire Power | Mafia Wars A.u.t.o.m.a.t.i.o.n | Mafia Wars Bonus Generator | Mafia Wars Aniversary Bonus | Mafia Wars Aniversary Bonus 2 | Mafia Wars Free Gifts | Mafia Wars Add Me! | Mafia Wars Black Belt | Mafia Wars Item Sender | Mafia Wars Tigers Unleashed Collection | Mafia wars and farmville rewards | Mafia Wars - Global Cup Bonus | Mafia Wars Hard To Find Gifts | mafia wars MOST WANTED loot items | Mafia Wars - Get 85 Godfather Points FREE | Mafia Wars Tornado Add - Add 1.000.000+ Friends! | Mafia Wars Send Gifts and get free Energy Packs | The Mafia | Mafia Gangs! | -= Mafia Stuff =- | Mafia Items | Daily Mafia Players | Mafia Warz Expansion | Mafia Items Wish List | Mafia Wars 11 | Mafia Wars 12 | Mafia LOOT | Loot Gifts By Sinyster | Mafia Wars (We Want Loot) | MW RWARD | MafiaRewards Zynga

Other Malicious Apps
‎(__): | 002 | adfhasrh | bewsss | Dine Italian Style | Enormous Tongue! | Farmville Purple Trees and Cash | Gotchya! | iProfile | iProfile 2 | iProfile 3 | iProfile 4 | iProfile 5 | iProfile 6 | Italian Dining | Italian Dining 2 | kiserkajkori | My Recent Profile Visitors | News | News 2 | news 3 | News 4 | news 5 | news 6 | news 7 | News! | Newz | Olive Garden | omgstalkersmg | opstalkeros | Photobooth | Profile Counter | Profile Counter 2 | profile scan | Profile Scanr | Profile View | profile view counter | Profile Watch | Profile Watch | See who look your | Stalkers | ssStarkerss | sstalkers | sstalkers 2 | stalkers | Stalkers | Sstalkers | ŚŤÁĹḰÉŔŚ | Steakhouse | swhhehwssss | TEsT | there is | Watch This Video | Watch This Video 2 | Watch This Video 3 | who is your spy | who see u | Whos Viewing | who is viewing? | who is viewing? 2 | who is viewing? 3 | who is viewing? 4 | who is viewing? 5 | who is viewing? 6 | yeah

~ The Photo Spam ~

I'm sure many of you have gotten stupid photo tags in the past, but nowadays there are more and more people using the photo tagging system as a form of spam. And there is no way to report it. Or stop it. There are a few steps to take so it doesn't show up as often, but until Facebook makes a change we're still going to have to deal with it (Annoyingly)

1st) If you get a photo tag don't just remove the tag, first report the photo as spam, then go to the taggers profile / facebook fan page and block/report them so it doesn't happen again in the future. One of the options when reporting them is spam. Then go ahead and remove your tag from the photo so it doesn't show up on your profile.

2nd) Now as I said there is way to PREVENT but there is a way to lower your exposure to the photo tagging system. 

So go to your "Privacy Settings" , "Apps, Games and Websites". Edit settings for "Info accessible through your friends" and uncheck "photos and videos I'm tagged in."

Then hit save and click go back to Privacy and customize your settings. Scroll down to the "things others share section" and edit the settings for "Suggest photos of me to friends." You will get a popup, click disable.

As I said before: doing that will greatly reduce the amount of photo spam you get but it won't eliminate it as it can still be manually entered, but since it will stop suggesting your name it will help. So something else is needed, and unfortunately that involves facebook changing their settings which can take some convincing by the Facebook users. So do your part and join the cause to Let Us Disable Photo Tagging All Together.

Once you join help spread the word and get the cause out there! It of course asks you to invite friends. But follow the instructions on how to contact Facebook and let them know that there is a problem. If nobody gets through to them nothing will be done. So click here to contact Facebook and tell them that you want the option to disable photo tagging to put an end to photo spam! We can do it, it just takes a lot of the same suggestion for it to happen!

Scam Sniper
(Majority of the Links Were Provided By Scam Sniper)

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  1. This list is much more comprehensive and the links were all valid, as opposed to some that I've seen in the past few days. Thanks Devlin



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