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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Get 2x The Brazil Crew Help!

That's right, as Brazil is still considered beta they are always making changes and now instead of the brazil crew refreshing every 18~24 hours, last night they changed it so you can re-up your crew every 12 hours! So that's twice the help everyday!

They updated the faq on the mini-energy pack to say you can use 12 in a day! So if you miss out on using a few don't worry, you can just get more done the next day!!


  1. Some have the timers at 8 hours

  2. read the line above the outlined box:

    It says you can only collect 6 per day. So, what this really means is if you don't use the 6 from the previous day, you can use them, then replenish with another 6 and use those as well...

    Unless zynga has changed their policy as stated above...



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