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Friday, April 1, 2011

Spy Hunter Event!

Well with still half a day left in the current collection event, why not start another one!? And we still have 5+ days left in the mission event too! But anyway now its time for a collection event of a different nature called a "loot event".

This is just like Valentines Event and the Brazil Beta Event, Collect a bunch of items through your normal routine and from free gifts to unlock certain prizes. Once again it's the same rules, 40 from free gifts, and 10 each from fighting, robbing, and doing jobs. And of course all of the bonuses!

And as before, to ensure you are getting all of the items you are entitled to make sure to collect the free gifts one at a time, you will see a popup show behind the in game requests manager. And only one popup will happen at a time, and they happen with each free gift accepted, so don't miss out on up to 40 bonuses! If done right you can get 100+ every day! And remember, you are spending the false ID's when you redeem them so save em up for the good items!

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