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Monday, April 4, 2011

Robber Beta Issue & How To Use It Now!

Well with the new city being in beta, and too many events for them to keep track of at zynga there's bound to be some issues. And one of them is the popups not showing up. And that can cause some errors, like in this case with robber it needs the rewards/new targets popup to continue. Without it, it just gets stuck..

So straight from Spock himself here's a fix (The 1st one works for me): 

  • FireFox4/Chrome, using Mafia Wars Unframed to access the insta-unframed game. Robber Beta works and ingame popups show.
  • FireFox4/Chrome, Unframe-MW to unframe the www.mafiawars.com version of game. Popups show and Robber Beta works.
  • FireFox4/Chrome, using Unframe-MW to unframe http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/, then once more to add scrolling, remove zynga bar (and hopefully fix popups). Popups are broken and Robber Beta stalls, it needs the popups to read data.

/Martin (Spockholm)

But If you still can't get it to work then here's what you have to do to get by:

Start the bookmarklet like normal, and after it clears a board you will see a 5 second pause..

During that pause click get new targets..

And If this is too much for you to do you can always use the Robbit Bookmarklet by Arun's Mafia Wars Helpers. And it works just fine but there is no pause or anything so you have to exit the window when you want it to stop.

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