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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Against All Odds Event!

Well it's another mission event but with a little bonus mastery thrown on top! And we're hitting up Vegas this time, get 3x mastery bonus and pick up some special loot while your at it! Get some special items for mastering the missions and some extra loot for doing jobs and fighting in Vegas! So Get to it!

Fickle Lady Luck
Get Support From Your Mafia (6x).
Loot 10 Set of Cards From Robbing.

Make Them Squeal
Rob 15 Times In Las Vegas.
Take Out 12 Stubborn Con Artists.(8 Stamina Each)
Build 2 Weapons.

Get Support From Your Mafia (8x)
Take Out 10 Neo-Imperium Operatives
Loot 16 Sets Of Illegal Transaction Records
 (Job: Steal Bank Records In NY or Break Into A Luxury Suite in LV)

Process of Elimination
Ice Opponents In Las Vegas (6x)
Rob Table Games (8x)

Fight Opponents in Las Vegas (24x)
Clear 1 Robbing Board
Collect From Your Restaurant (3x)

The Last Hurrah
Get  Support From Your Mafia (8x)
Buy Off A Crooked Border Agent
Defeat John Yun (Boss Fight: 22,000 Health)

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