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Friday, October 28, 2011

Money On The Water Mission Event!

To go along with the zombie event there's also a mission event in the same fashion.. and even the same pictures.. But at any rate this will take some time to get through.. So be prepared and use your city crew wisely, take advantage of them as they can make things much easier for you!

Camptown Races
Get 4 Crew Members.
Buy 1 item from your Warehouse.

Collect from your Truck Shop 1 time.
Ice 12 opponents.
Job: Dodge the Guards (30x). (Sam's Truck Shop)

Forward Biased
Ask for 5 Manila Envelopes from mafia.
Loot 20 Sonny's Suits. (Job: Case Warehouses on the North Side)
Take out 1 Wharf Patrol. (Requires 15 Stamina)

An Offer He Can't Refuse
Get support from your mafia (5x). (Free Gift Requests)
Clear 5 Robbing boards.
Fight 40 opponents in Chicago.

Or Maybe He Can
Collect 20 Locksmiths. (Jobs in Sam's Truck Shop)
Collect 20 Robber's Utility Belts. (Fighting in Chicago)
Collect 20 Bisects. (Robbing in Chicago)

Hit Hard To Knock Hard
Loot 15 Freighters from Robbing.
Make 2 items from your Speakeasy.
Job: Stuff Local Cop's Pockets With Greens (16x). (The Old Warehouse)

The Last Stand
Rob 20 times. (Chicago)
Win 20 fights. (Chicago)
Declare a War 3 times.

My Way Or The Highway
Activate 5 Crew Members in Chicago.
Collect from your Truck Shop 3 times. (Collects every 8 hours)

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