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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mafia Wars 2 Opening Day Walk Through!!

Get playing now! While there's an even playing field! Get in at the beginning!!
First you will have to create your identity..
 The game assumes you are familiar with Mafia Wars and will be able to manage the basic functions of the game with ease, but there is still a basic tutorial mode you have to go through (like usual) but it's actually quite fun as it rewards you along the way and doesn't stray from the normal game play..
 It's time to build our first property..
 And give it a name..
And the requests start..
So send out some invites... 
 You can actually run through your entire friends list quite quickly and send out all of your invites in one continuous stream! 
 Load up the inventory screen..
 and build another property.. this time a weapons shop..
place your building.. 
 buy a gun!
 and how about some armor..
 now it's time to head out to casino row..
 and fight your first boss!

well that was easy :P 
oh look, a clothing shop! wow I can't afford diddly~squat! 
 But at least I got some respect!
 and can buy and expansion (which was forced)
 now I can makes me some moneys! and of course it is necessary to protect your buildings.. and you can hire additional help for this games RP's..
 And now it's time for a visit to your friends hood..
 The standard loading screen (You will soon be dreading this thing!)
Help them out, collect what you want.. 
 Interrupted with a revenge plot! Oh no...
 Oh what? Time to build a grow house?! sure, why not!?
 there we go..
 now that we got the weed there's plenty of people showing up for work! So place one or two to run some game!
 The only option at this point being card shark, but as your rank improves so do the scams!
 Now we move onto the boneyard! this games fighting arena..

 you will easily level up..
 and with enough time can get some respect!
 you can also gain access to robbing from the boneyard by clicking on people you defeat or by clicking on your opponents from the "rivals" list at the bottom of the screen..
 There are various awards for robbing and fighting and a new leader-board to boot..
And after that it's now signalling it's time to return home..
 To which we find we actually have a selection of properties to choose from!
 place your pick..
 alright! :P
 and what do you know! a somewhat larger list of worker's jobs now appears!
 And wow! A lot of workers to place!
 And there you have it, the full opening tutorial in all its splendor!
 That was the end of the forced tutorial, and at this point I was promoted to level 4 with much unlocked and much to do! So get to it and with little effort you can build a mighty mafia empire! Now get to it and enjoy Mafia Wars 2!

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