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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wild Thing Mission Event!

Well, Bangkok is finally locked out and it's time for the next mission event! Now we're stepping into the wild side with this one with a doozy of a defense animal for the grand prize!

Breaking Into Business 
Get support from your mafia (4x) (Free Gift Requests) 
Loot 15 Big Cages from fights 
Loot 12 Local Informants from jobs 
(Ask an Informant About Local Crime Activity / Create a Diversion In The Jungle) 

A Change In Management 
Ice 4 opponents (Brazil)
Job: Bribe a Police Commandant (15x) (Manaus)
Collect from your Headquarters 2 times (Collects every 8 hours)

Get support from your mafia (5x) (Free Gift Requests)
Win 16 fights
Loot 12 Bird Cages from fights
Buy 2 items from your Black Market. (Purchase Every18 hours) 

Rob 18 times 
Loot 12 Aquariums from robbing 
Loot 10 Feeding Troughs from job (Burn Down a Slum Building) 

Ask for 5 Metal Containers from mafia
Take out 12 Rival Smuggler (Requires 8 Stamina Each) 
Job: Burn Down a Jungle Hideout (20x) (Belem) 
Build 2 Weapons 

Hostile Merger 
Acquire 20 Motion Sensor Explosives (Robbing Brazil / Job: Intimidate the Local Crime Ring) 
Fight 30 opponents
Loot 12 Terrariums from fights 

No One's Pet 
Take out 12 Fat Cat Bodyguards (Requires 11 Stamina Each) 
Job: Escape a Police Pursuit (12x) (Sao Paolo: Heliopolis) 

Supply And Demand 
Activate 5 Crew Members in Brazil
Rob 12 Private Zoos
Loot 10 Exotic Animal Feeds from robbing

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