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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mafia Wars Is Auditing War Looters!

That's right! If you enjoy massively doing wars to get a large payday, you better watch out! Zynga is onto us.. I mean you! =P So they will now start removing excessive loot to "even the playing field" This is their claim anyway.. I'd say if you want to level the playing field how about you give everybody access to the diamond level loyalty rewards, I don't have 10 grand to puff up your arse so how is it a level playing field because certain people do? But anyway back to the main topic of choice.. 
Don't waste your time anymore trying to get excessive war loot, they have fixed the system glitch allowing it for most players and even if you are lucky enough to still get more than you are supposed to it will just trigger an audit that will lead to you actually losing more than you should. So just participate in your 5-10 wars a day and get your loot the normal way.. kill your scrubbers and feed centers, they won't help you anymore!


  1. I got the message and I don't even use the scrubber and feed center.

  2. Thanks Dev for the sound advice!

  3. OK well then explain this.. Zanga said I have to Help 500 wars and I have helped with 490 wars and have not completed the achievement yet. But still they took quote "We apologize for the inconvenience and credited you with a bonus of 62 items in addition to the 31 purchases you made for Declare War." I have NOT done anything excessive I am only following your rules in the game!



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