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Thursday, August 25, 2011

To Smuggle a Mocking Bird Mission Event!

Scavenger Hunt
Get support from your mafia (5x). (Gift Requests)
Ice 6 opponents. (New York)

Birds of a Feather
Job: Bribe Officials To Ignore The Haven (5x). (Smuggler's Haven)
Recruit 3 crew members in Brazil.

The Bird Is The Word
Win 25 fights. (Brazil)
Activate 3 crew members in Brazil.
Job: Help Defend The Haven From Police (5x). (Smuggler's Haven)

Flipping the Bird
Travel to Italy.
Collect from your Villa 1 time.
Job: Find An Old Family Friend (1x). (Palermo)

Ruffled Feathers
Get support from your mafia (3x). (Gift Requests)
Take out 15 Assassins. (Requires 4 each)

Duck And Cover
Travel to Las Vegas.
Job: Move Your Crew Into A Safe House (5x). (North Las Vegas)
Rob 9 times.

This One's For The Birds
Acquire 5 Weapons. (Fight Club, Loyalty Program, City Store)
Fight 25 opponents.
Take out 1 Bird Brained Billionaire. (Requires 100)

Smuggler's Secret
Ice 50 opponents. (Brazil)
Loot 10 Life Savers from fights.
Ruby master the Smuggler's Haven district.

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