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Friday, September 23, 2011

Special Delivery Mission Event!

Well Zynga has gone a bit crazy with this one, now I don't know if you have noticed, but the new Chicago Missions are a bit harder to master than those of the past. And it looks like the weekly missions are getting harder too, or at least a lot more time consuming.. In the second mission you have to declare 6 wars! Yes, SIX WARS!!! That's 3 days at a minimum assuming you can do one immediately. So be prepared for this one, it'll be a close one! (unless you pay up with some reward points)

Long Distance Friendship
"You should feel privileged." - Joe Castellano
Rob 27 times.
Get support from your mafia (5x). (Gift Requests)
Travel to Chicago.

The Enemy Of My Friend
Ice 7 opponents.
Declare a War 6 times.
Job: Dispose Of The Bodies (5x).

Payment Is Its Own Reward
Rob 20 times.
Job: Break Into Guido Pantucci's Warehouse (5x).
Acquire 10 Armors.
Get 6 Crew Members in city.

New York's Finest
Travel to New York.
Job: Distill Some Liquor (x5) (Enforcer)
Job: Liquor Smuggling (x5) (Enforcer)
Ask for 5 Crates from mafia.

Over The Bridge, Under Your Hat
Upgrade your Chop Shop 2 times.
Build 4 Vehicles from your Chop Shop.
Get support from your mafia (15x). (Gift Requests)

Thirsting For The Road
Win 3 Wars.
Take out 20 Street Thugs. (Requires 20)

Exchange On The Rocks
Travel to Chicago.
Job: Smuggle a Shipment Back to Chicago (5x).
Collect from your Truck Shop 6 times.
Get 10 crew members in Chicago.

A Taste Of The Good Life
Make 3 items at your Speakeasy.
Clear 7 robbing boards.
Get support from your mafia (20x). (Gift Requests)
Ice 30 opponents in Chicago.

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