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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lead Into Gold Mission Event!

Like having to complete a secret district in a finite amount of time isn't enough.. why not throw a mission set that makes you perform specific tasks while finishing that district!? 
So here's the info on the missions:

Myth Busting
Activate 4 Crew Members in Brazil.
Acquire 8 Armors.

Buy 2 Horny Toad ATVs from your Black Market.
Fight 40 opponents in Brazil.
Job: Make A Path To The Temple (10x).

Belongs In A Museum!
Find 8 Sultan's Sabers from Jobs.
Find 8 Midas' Butterfly Knifes from Jobs.
Find 8 Scythe Chariots from Jobs.
Find 8 Dueling Shields from Jobs.
Find 10 Everglade Rat Snakes from Fights.
Find 10 Golden Poison Frogs from Robbing.

Skeleton Key
Ask for 6 ShrapShields from Mafia. (Gift Requests)
Loot 18 Firebombs from Robbing.

The Zipa's Tomb
Win 15 Fights.
Declare a War 2 times.
Loot 20 Golden Tigers from Fights in Brazil.

Burning Bridges
Ice 10 opponents in Brazil.
Collect from your Barracks 2 times.
Job: Ambush An Unwitting Expedition (15x).

Breaking Camp
Trade 6 Gold Treasure Chest Keys for 6 Street Partys.
Take out 15 Amateur Tomb Raiders. (Requires 5 Stamina)
Job: Smuggle A Relic Overseas (18x).

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