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Friday, November 25, 2011

Family Gathering Mission Event!

Dropping In
Activate 5 crew members in Chicago.
Travel to Italy.
Clear 4 robbing boards.
Get support from your mafia (5x). (Gift Requests)

How Are Things?
Collect 6 Severed Pinkys. (robbing in Italy)
Collect 6 Rail Tickets. (robbing in Italy)
Collect 6 Set of Hidden Charges. (fighting in Italy)
Collect 6 Smart Phones. (jobs in Italy)

You Don't Say?
Get support from your mafia (10x). (Gift Requests)
Collect from your Villa 4 times. (You can collect from Villa every 4 hours)
Buy 3 items from your Port.

I Don't Believe It
Declare a War 5 times.
Rob 35 times in Italy.

Get Outta Here
Job: Discover the Conspiracy (30x).
Ask for 10 Confidential Records from mafia.

You Should Have Known Better
Take out 20 Assassins. (Requires 4)
Ice 30 opponents in Italy.
Collect from your Football Stadium 3 times. (You can collect from Football Stadium every 18 hours)

Well That Seems Rude
Win 25 fights in Italy.
Job: Deal With The Don's Guards (x25). (Fight path job.)

That Was Nice Of You
Win 3 Wars.
Win 100 fights in Italy.
Take out 5 Assassins. (Requires 10)

How Was The Food?
Job: Gain Access To Private Villa (x40).
Acquire 10 Animals.
Collect from your Winery 4 times. (You can collect from Winery every 6 hours.)

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